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Shadow was born right here in New Jersey.  He is a talented, well-known tattoo artist, also the owner of Eternal Ink Tattoo. 


Shadow has always had a deep emotional passion for art and exploring his creativity, drawing for as long as he can remember. 
All throughout his formal education Shadow spent more time drawing in class than anything else. It has always taken him to a good place in his mind where all the chaos dissipates and calm waters reside.

Once Shadow picked up a tattoo machine for the first time things were never the same. Shadow specializes in creating custom one of

a kind tattoos for his clients. From black and grey pieces to colorful pieces Shadow always has fun tattooing any style. 

He loves being able to layer pigment in the skin, giving the tattoo a very luscious, detailed look. Achieving this look is not a practice you see in many tattoo artists. But when you take your time and exercise patience, it truly shows in the look of the tattoo as well as the healing and longevity. In the end Shadow thinks that should be every tattoo artist’s goal. 

From pencil to needle and ink, Shadow's passion for his art is one that is undeniable. He truly loves what he does, and will never stop creating as long as he is free to explore his imagination and go the extra mile for his clients. 


Nacho specializes specializes in lettering, Chicano, fine line black and grey, new skool and watercolor. Nacho says that he didn't really choose to tattoo, it sort of chose him. Nacho grew up a graffiti artist and later in life became a painter/mural artist. He used to draw up tattoo designs for friends and was disappointed when they would show him the tattoo they got because a majority of the time the tattoo looked nothing like the drawing. 

One day, Nacho found himself in Pittsburgh, PA, and saw a tattoo magazine with Mr. Cartoon's work on the front and fell in love with the designs and the mix of realism and cartoon style. So, he got his hands on a tattoo machine and self taught himself how to tattoo. After years of doing it his own way, he came across a few shops and found himself standing in front of a man named Shadow who at first was a little intimidating and didn't speak, but their first conversation was about the perfection of line work. He was interested in learning more and loved the fact that he had finally came across a person who cared about the art, details and overall quality of tattooing verses all about dollar signs.

Nacho and Shadow  share similar taste in the instruments they use to tattoo and their love for fine line tattoos is what he guesses you would say brought him to work here here at Eternal Ink Tattoo. Nacho admires, and gives much respect and admiration to Shadow. He has watched him tattoo countless times. He has not seen one tattoo that he has not liked yet. 

Eternal Ink Tattoo is Nacho's home, sanctuary and the place where for the first time he was given the opportunity to do custom tattoos instead of copying images off of Google or flash racks. We can all agree with Nacho that Eternal Ink Tattoo is by far one of the best shops in Jersey, hands down.

With Nacho, every tattoo is a custom piece of art. 
His goal?
To give you the best tattoo. 

The passion Nacho has for his art motivates him to put all his efforts into any tattoo that he does. 
Nacho's very understanding of client requests and strives to make every visit as fun and relaxing as possible. He can illustrate your vision and bring to it life in the most creative way. 

Nacho has created some amazing tattoos in the past few years. 
If you are looking for something unique, beautiful and creative, you may want to consider getting some work done by Nacho.


Half Pint

"Half Pint" has been interested in art since forever. Her enthusiasm to draw gives her an edge at accomplishing her goal to be a tattoo artist at our studio. Half Pint is able to amaze people with just a pencil and a piece of paper. She believes tattoos are a work of art. "Half Pint" finds it amazing how tattooed people are like walking canvases. "Half Pint" wants to leave a mark in the world and make people happy. She feels that it is an honor to display her art on a person for the world to see. From about the age of 13 she started to draw and practice every day, and headed to art classes to be the best she can be.
"Half Pint" felt that Eternal Ink Tattoo seemed like a fun, inspiring, positive atmosphere to get that jump started and she was right. We are amazed so far in seeing the results. 


"Nobody" is our tattoo apprentice. She has been interested in art for as long as she can remember. From elementary school all the way through high school, art has always been her favorite form of expression. She took college courses at UARTS, PAFA, and Moore college of art. In middle school, she took an interest in tattooing. Her parents, being supportive of her interests, took her to Philadelphia tattoo convention where she was able to experience the tattoo industry for the first time. From that day on she continued to draw every day. Drawing anywhere she could, even if that meant sometimes it was on herself. She was ecstatic at the idea of her art being "alive" on someone. Nobody found her home at Eternal Ink and with the help and guidance of Shadow, she is beginning to blossom as an artist. Nobody loves the art of anime, Pokemon and neo traditional tattoos but is truly happy creating something custom for the client, no matter what style. She is excited to see what the future holds and put her heart into ever piece she does.




An hour after getting tattooed...wash your tattoo with cool water...wash it 2 to 3 times...to make sure that you get all of the blood, film etccc out of it... Use a non-perfumed, no fragrance soap.  Afterwards, pat it dry with a paper towel, apply a thin amount of A & D ointment over the tattoo...don't glob it on and smear it all over, as you will cause your body to sweat and your tattoo will break out if you do so. For the rest of the night... wash your tattoo every 1/2 hour until you go to bed. Before bed wash your tattoo...apply the ointment, wrap it loosely with a plastic bag.. not suran wrap, as suran wrap causes breakouts. Tomorrow.. start washing your tattoo every hour on the hour or as close to it as possible. Repeat this regimen for the first 2 to 3 days depending on your immune system... Don't let your tattoo dry out, don't let it scab up... After the 3rd day... switch to a lotion... Aveeno oatmeal baby lotion.



*When it comes to safety- we believe that safety comes first - safety for both our clients and for ourselves.*


*We refuse to cut any corners when it comes to safe practice, hygienic conditions and quality of product.*


*All needles are single use. We have a completely separate sterilizing room which guarantees no cross contamination. All of our sterilizing equipment is regularly serviced and calibrated by qualified technicians to ensure that their functioning is up to strict standards. *




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